Tuesday Aug 15, 2023

Q&R! Tough Questions with Paul Reeve

Some people see a connection between the Church’s past restrictive policy towared blacks in the Church and the Church’s current restrictive policy toward gays in the Church—specifically prohibiting gay temple marriage. In what ways are these two issues similar and in what ways are they different? How can church members reconcile (a) the teaching that the prophet / president won't ever lead the church astray with (b) the fact that church presidents for over a century taught false doctrine about blacks? How might the scriptural basis of the Lamanites being cursed with a “skin of blackness” (2 Ne 5:21) have influenced early church leaders’ thoughts on justifying the initial priesthood and temple restrictions? And what should we make of that curse anyway? Why didn't God clearly communicate earlier to his prophets that it was His will that ALL His children would receive the blessings of the priesthood and the temple?

In this episode of Church History Matters, we dive into all of these questions and more with Dr. Paul Reeve, as scholar on race in Latter-day Saint history.

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In addition, do not expect God to give you somebody else’s body parts or DNA!

Monday Oct 16, 2023


My personal belief is that celestial marriage covenant encompasses both marriage and co-creation. Even if we take the DNA of a female and made a baby with only chemicals and 3D printed body organs, you still used the DNA of females and males. In the afterlife, our religion teaches that we will be complete and every celestially covenanted (and baptized, etc) (married) couple will be able to co-create, in their perfect forms. Don’t expect two males or two females to have that physical power.

Monday Oct 16, 2023

Casey, Scott, you guys are awesome. I am on a different episode now but wanted to come back and let you guys know how much you have strengthened my testimony that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Spoiler Alert - I used to struggle a lot asking, if Joseph communed with God and had direct revelations from him, why did he put a ban on the priesthood for blacks? Come to find out, he didn’t! And my testimony struggle for decades because of this. I really appreciate you bringing the facts to us.

Wednesday Sep 27, 2023


Thursday Sep 14, 2023

greatt; very interesting and informative

Tuesday Aug 22, 2023

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